Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer at the Thurgoods

Well the girls summer is just about up, they go back on the 20th, so a week from today. We have had to cram alot in the six weeks that they had off!! We have done a lot of fishing (including me...darn now that Bronco is big enough to go, I don't have an excuse to stay home!) Went camping and still going one last time this week. We bought a family pass to the Clearfield Aquatic center, so we have been swimming several times and not to mention the two weeks of swim lessons that the girls did. We have done lots of other activities to keep us busy like The Bees baseball game, movies, playing at the park, swimming at Pine View Damn...etc. We have ran like crazy that I am actually going to be excited to send them to school and calm down for a little bit.

As far the girls lives go...Kennedy has quit tumbling and has moved on to Gymnastics. She always wanted to do gymnastics and do the bars and beams so we are giving that a shot. She has a little advantage being able to do all the tumbling already and has been put on a pre-team until she gets the bars down. She is loving it, it takes up four hours a week. She really loved her swimming lessons the most out of the girls, and does really well with all the strokes and floats, that I don't even know what they are. She is very excited to start 3rd grade and hopes she meets lots of friends! (and boys even though she won't admit it)

Grace did a soccer camp with Kaylee for a week. She really loved it and showing us her moves. She is defiantly my sporty, competitive wild little thing! She loves swimming and does well but she just wants to swim and play, she didn't really want to learn what the teachers were teaching she just wants to play....she can't really hold still for more than a minute.

Demi just dances...thats all she does all day is dance. We ended this season but has already started the next season for competition. She had try outs last week, she has been moved up a level (which was a tad shocking because she is the youngest and smallest), however it doesn't shock me that she did well in front of the judges because thats her thing she loves to perform! SO now this year she will be the youngest and smallest again, the other girls with her are mostly seven, but we can't hold her back if this is what she wants to do. Today she decided to chop her hair off is super cute! finally potty trained, poor thing has been ready since last summer but had to wait until mom could fit it in her schedule to do it. So the training was easy and we are done. He is getting so big, he goes camping and fishing with us now and does about everything with us. The time is over that I have to have a babysitter for everything. He is still a major mamas boy so we will love having the kids at school, we will just play and watch TV all day. He does actually talk but I am usually the only one that understands everything.

Clint and I ran our first little race together, so fun! I plan to do two more this month for way of attempting to stay in shape! This sums up our life right now, I still feel like I am getting the house together but haven't worked on it since summer began...

The pictures are just random of things of the summer!

For those of you who still have summer left...Have a great Summer!

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David said...

Thanks for the update Heidi! What a fun summer break.