Thursday, November 5, 2009

As everyone can tell, I am really terrible at blogging. I love following everyone else's blogs to see what everyone is up to. But, every once in a while I figure I'd better do some catching up on our family. So, I will start with some summer and fall pictures.

We enjoyed taking advantage of Lagoon this summer. The kids also had some fun whle camping and hiking. This hike picture was taken right before Kassidy fell into a very dirty swamp. It was quite disgusting, but she was a trooper. Scott and I also enjoyed our getaway to San Francisco this summer for his Planning Conference and I enjoyed a couple of days at Karen and Dan's house. Kaden has enjoyed cub scouts so far and this is a picture of him after getting his Bobcat award.

Kassidy chopped her hair before school started and both Mom and Kassidy love it short! Kaylee turned 10 years old! She is sure growing up fast. Kambrie broke her wrist and spent 6 weeks with a cast. She surprisingly did rather well. Her favorite thing lately is to draw on everything, so here are her pen covered legs. What a cutie!

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