Thursday, June 26, 2008

This would be a first for HEIDI!!!

Yea for me!! Well everyone sems to think we live an exciting life over I am going to try to make this sound like we really do.... I'll start with Bronco....well that about sums that up. Just kidding we love our little handsome man! He will be turning two in just a few months and is getting crazy. Even though everyone seems to think he is not a happy child, he is my greatest yet. 4th a charm I guess. He is into everything, and it is true boys are different from girls! He does throw everything, climb on everything, breaks everything. I am redoing his room right now making it into " Broncos Country", I even used Denver Bronco Blue paint. It is looking super cute! He is just "loving" his season pass to Lagoon, his favorite ride the cars that drive around...Puff not so much!

As for Demi..... my sassy child. We are proud of her, this last week she made a competition dance team. She has always loved dancing as everyone knows and is quite the show girl, so I think she will do pretty good. She also started tumbling this summer and loves that also. She will start pre school in the fall, which she can't wait for her Mrs Hillary as a teacher.

Grace and Kennedy, They are basically one... connected at the hips! They just finished being cheerleaders instead of dance this year. For this next year they decided they want to be in a hip hop class. They just go from one thing to another. They are still in tumbling, Kennedy has started working on whips, and her record for Back Handsprings is about 8 in a row on the floor. She has the little tough body type for this. Grace has her back hand spring down. Grace is also my Soccer Star, she will be my sporty girl. I don't think I have seen any one so competitive! (that includes you Josh, she could take you down)

For the summer we are just finishing up swim leessons..... We have the Lagoon passes so that is a weekly trip. The house is back up for sale, we are so indecisive.... so we do a lot of cleaning. We are loving having Clint home for the summer...we almost forgot that we had a dad. He just has one year left of school, however in the fall his week will consist of 80 hours of work, so back to no Dad. The girls do a lot of fishing with him to make up for it during the summer.

Clint and I spent our 9 year anniversary in LA for one night to watch Bon Jovi in concert. Still Love him! Then in May we went to NYC, we had a fabulous time! Favorite things was the broadways we saw Wicked and Phantom. Little dissapointed that the Mets Baseball game was rained out, and we spent a 100$ at Tavern on the Green resturant for lunch. We love our trips and treasure every moment that we get to spend alone!

Well that about sums it up! Hope everyone is happy, and if you want to know anything else let me know....because to me it is all a bore. Hope the pictures work. We have Easter in case I didn't get one to you. Demi dance nad the two girls cheer outfits.

Hope you all are having a great Summer!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family Fun in London!

We were so happy to have Annie come visit for a week then Karen & Dan! We had loads of fun with everyone. Life is great for us here... just getting ready to move back! Hope you are all doing well. The wall around Canterbury with Annie... we got out of the city for a day and went to Canterbury and Leeds Castle.
Crazy late nights w/Karen & Dan... we went to bed at 4 a.m. once and the sun was already coming up! Well worth it though. Thanks for teaching us how to play Nertz.
Josh and Karen flying a kite... he's throwing it up (not much wind that day) and she's getting ready to RUN!
For more pics... check out our blog... which we update more frequently than this one :)
Also... Karen, Dan, Josh & Alex are calling out Heidi to post the next blog! It's summer now... what's your excuse? We want to see pictures of you and Bon Jovi and NYC. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun Picture

Thought you all might get a kick out of this.
Don't make too many comments about the styles.