Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally some new pictures!

Things have been crazy it seems like for awhile now.... we are finally in a new home, no complaints staying with Dad and Mom for awhile it was great!! I am still unpacking..it took me a year to pack it all up and might just take another year to unpack it all. I don't have any pictures of it yet but I will get on that as soon as it starts coming together.

I am updating a few pictures, Clint and I went to the big Island Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary, I made Clint get pictures to celebrate ( I figure the kids might want them one day) We loved it like we do all our trips! It was great for me because there was less packing on my part since the kids were already at moms!

There is the Easter picture for the year with the kids.

Kennedy's Baptism picture clear back from her birthday.

Grace and Demi's belated birthday pictures also.

Demi has had two dance competitions in the last couple of weeks. Her team had competed 6 times and has taken first place in all of them ( sometimes it was against 9 other teams). We always knew she'd be a dancer, so they have been pretty fun.

I thought I would share Broncos excitement about new under ware....who wants to be the one to break it to him that they go under the clothes???
Well spring and summer will bring more crazyness, between Dance recitals, Preschool graduation, school ending, summer, swim lessons and then back to school in July for YEAR ROUND...woo hooo!
That about sums things up for right now, but will try to get house pictures up soon!