Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Article in the Ensign!

Hey everyone!

How are you guys all doing? I am sure you are all having a fun summer! Every time I think about summer I think about mom Barlow's house with all the yummy barbecues, grilled corn, tons of watermelon, Lagoon, friends and family! It is a bit different here because of the good weather year around we can just know it is summer because the girls are at home! :0)
I wanted to add this post to talk to you about the July Ensign, you probably already read it, I am sure we are the last ones to get ours in the mail anyway...if you read it you saw the article talking about Israel Barlow. It is a cute part of his journal talking about when Israel and Elisabeth (first wife) lost a baby and the baby's grave, etc...I just wanted to make sure you read it. In the end of the article also mentions about grandma Ora Barlow and the Israel Barlow biography book!
It was fun for me to read the story there and know more about your great great grand, etc...father! :0) The article is called "Daddy, don't leave me here". Pages 34-36.
I hope everyone is doing good, I miss spending time with you. I know I have to get better in calling and writing you...
I enjoy looking at everyone's blog, it is great to know that you are doing good!
We are doing great, I will probably update our blog this week. I have been busy keeping the kids busy :0) but I do love when they are home! Have a great month and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY everyone! :0) Love you! Milena

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