Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flashback Video

Here's a fun video that everyone might enjoy.
(hint: this is Christmas 1989)

August 2008

Hi Everybody!

Well for those of you that heard we sold our house, we did. We found a house in West Point that we put an offer on. (It goes to the school I wanted and has a master bath with a big tub!!) After we put an offer on it, the next day we found out that our buyers couldn't get their loan, so we had to back out of our house. We are back at square one....selling again! This is going to get so old!

I did a wedding cake this weekend..I promise it looks exactly like the picture the bride gave me and is the exact colors that she wanted. Cakes are getting so crazy now days. I heard at the reception it was getting raving reviews, and even the old people said they loved it and "are getting sick of seeing white cakes" I do another one on the 13th of September, it is just a boring, very pretty white one.

Well School starts back up on Monday. One minute the girls are excited because they are bored and the next minute they don't want to go back. They have been so bored the past two weeks, we only went camping twice, swimming 4 times, Lagoon 3 times, and house hunting......but they are so bored because half of their toys are in storage now! My house is half empty!

September should be a fun month...not as stressful since we aren't moving now, but I will have my 4th wedding cake (hopefully Anne's is the 5th) Bronco will turn TWO!! I will turn 29, the last fabulous year before hitting 30! Clint and I will go to Denver for a game for a weekend...Bronco Season is starting!! GO BRONCOS!

Hope everyone's school year is great!