Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thurgoods Aug. 2010

Well with the kids being in school now I've decided I need to get something done during my days....so here goes, updating some pictures!

We actually had a longer summer this year...5 whole weeks! We cramed as much as we could in...Camping, lots of Fishing (not me but everybody else) Lagoon, Swimming and ended it with a trip to Denver. They actually had to miss a couple of days of school for it but we are still counting it as our summer trip.

I have to admit I am LOVING having the three girls in school all day. Bronco is quite my little buddy! I am going to be doing a Joy School with him and 4 other kids starting in a couple of weeks. It will be at my house every fifth week. I am sure hoping that he will go!!! During those two hours that he is gone I plan to really get alot done. Like catching up on my shows, doing some crosstiching, napping maybe. Pretty sure I won't be doing any hard work.

The kiddos are in the same ol....Kennedy is now on a competition Tumble team and she is really excited to start competing in January. She still doesn't really enjoy school and complains about any type of homework...but oh well she only has 8 more years, she'll make it.

Grace on the other hand loves school and learning, she is very excited to start times tables this year (even though she learned half of them last year with Kennedy) She is still playing Soccer and any other sports that she can.

Demi started 1st grade...yea!! She loves it and loves eating school lunch and having 3 recesses!! She is captain of her dance team this year which thrilled her. She will also be competing in a solo this year. What possesses her to want to dance in front of judges by herself is beyond me!

And Bronco is still Bronco...hooked to my hip. ( I might have to have him surgically removed when he goes to Kindergarten) He loves Buzz light year, Geo Trax and his legos and beating everybody up.

So that sums it up...until next year when the kids start school and I'll think I'll get something done the first week....

Here are a bunch of pics of the kids, things we've done and trips ( Disneyland and Denver)


David said...

Great post! Holla!

Josh & Alex Barlow said...

Thanks for update! Still haven't seen pics of your house :) Guess I have to go to UT for that??